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Post  MOD-Jay on Sun Jan 06, 2008 1:44 pm

To do altcodes all you have to do is in the habbo chatbox/console hold down alt on you keybord and type thease numbers while you hold alt.

ALT+124 = White heart
ALT+141 = Spiral
ALT+157 = White star
ALT+159 = Black Heart
ALT+161 = Single note
ALT+0151 = Double notes
ALT+422 = Skull
ALT+167 = Lighting bolt
ALT+230 = Coffee cup
ALT+241 = Mobile/cell phone
ALT+246 = Thumbs down
ALT+249 = Thumbs up
ALT+248 = symbol
ALT+168 = symbol
ALT+173 = symbol
ALT+271 = Euro sign
ALT+276 = Light Bulb
ALT+0153 = symbol
ALT+0245 = Spade symbol
ALT+0135 = "No Entry" sign
ALT+0169 = Symbol
ALT+0174 = Symbol
ALT+0145 = Black Padlock
ALT+0204 = White Padlock
Shift+ \ = Heart
ALT+0169 = Copyright
ALT+0174 = Registered
ALT0176 = Superscript
ALT+424 = Upside down
ALT+667 = Cent symbol
ALT+21 = Peculiar
ALT+156 = Pound
ALT+130 = Dashed
ALT+0216 = Dashed
ALT+0135 = Stop sign
ALT+0213 = Diamond
ALT+0134 = Bomb
ALT+169 = Fish
ALT+0204 = Lock
ALT+0245 = Spade
ALT+175 = Club
ALT+159 = Heart or shift
ALT+157 = Star

If you try random ones habbo will probly block them because of accent marks.

Very Happy
Thanks for reading!


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[TUT] Alt Codes Empty Re: [TUT] Alt Codes

Post  Untitled on Sun Jan 06, 2008 1:46 pm

Nice, i might use it in my own retro lol

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